Concerts & Events

Concert Hospitality & Travel & Other Events

Auckland, and New Zealand, has been fortunate over the past few years to attract the biggest and best concert artists to our shores.  Concert hospitality is becoming a growing part of an organisations client hosting programme and the breadth and diversity of the artists that perform in New Zealand now means there is a concert or show that will meet all clients musical and event tastes.


Experience Group has undertaken a huge range of concert and show hospitality over the past fifteen years, both onsite and offsite, across numerous cities and venues.  From The Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen to Beyonce or Rihanna.  Or from the easy listening Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles to the large and loud Mettalica or Def Leppard, the choice of client hosting platforms is many and varied.


This broad range of official offerings, coupled with the experience and expertise Experience Group has built up over many years, means our clients value highly the memorable concert and show platforms we provide that captivate their clients and guests.  

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